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maybe going to school. the latest is coming up. >> and upsetting injury for the u.s. ski team and montek advantage on the bobsled course. i have highlights from day 13. >> will the storm -- upon us? the insta-weather plus forecast as 11 news today continues right now. >> live, local, late breaking, this is wbal tv 11 news today, live in high definition. >> tony pann has a check of the forecast. good morning. >> this will turn into a big snowstorm for some parts of the country. new jersey and new york state will get two feet. for us, it's cloudy not a lot happening. doppler picking up snow in cecil county and the eastern shore. very little additional
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accumulation expected. temperatures are at or above freezing. that helps down the road. the roads usual windup ok if it's 32 or above. there could be slippery side streets that have not been treated. light rain or snow still this morning off or on. very little if any additional stimulation. tonight and tomorrow the wind will gust over 40 miles an hour. we will get additional snowfall over that stretch. i will talk about that in a few minutes. first we say good morning to sarah caldwell to look at the roads. you have reported a bunch of problems. >> we are back to normal for the most part. there were two early morning accident. right now there's one on eastbound 50 at the bay bridge toll plaza with one lane black -- one lane blocks. 48 miles an hour on southbound
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95 coming out of the northeast, 59 on the j.f.x. southbound of the beltway. 50 miles an hour on the northwest corner of the beltway. 12 minutes on the outer loop west side. eight minutes on the other side. let's look at the toll plaza. at san dewpoint. there's one toll lane blocks east bound, not creating any delays. the harrisburg expressway @ waupun the road checking out ok. no delays there. -- at warren. back to you. >> thank you. jennifer franciotti is in reisterstown. good morning. >> i am standing with neal miller and his 14-year-old daughter. you are a contractor. >> i'm not going to get much work today and i am not broken hearted. >> to find out we have a quarter
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of an inch on some services, not so bad. >> it is not. >> thank you so much. driving conditions ok? >> everything is fine. >> thank you so much. we are in reisterstown. this is main street behind me. down to the pavement. there's nothing sticking on the roadways. around 2:00 this morning it was coming down a lot heavier. it was sticking to sidewalks in westminster, but not the roads. state highways as much of yesterday pretreating the roads, and right now the temperatures are too warm for anything to stick. there was a little accumulation on the grass overnight. we have a quarter of an inch on the ground. this is just enough to make the trees look pretty. it covers up the brown snow that we have. nothing to stress out about. that is a good thing.
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we will go to sandra shaw on york road. >> it looks fine where i am. there's no accumulation. this is where the city of baltimore turns into the county of baltimore. no problems whatsoever. earlier we dealt with a light mixed precipitation. right now there's basically nothing. a couple of flakes falling down intermittently is all. we are on the last sides of this first phase of the storm that lightly passed over. but it's going to wrap back around inland. that will affect us in the form of a very gusty winds later tonight. this is going to be a storm to remember more from the blustery conditions rather than the snowfall accumulations. another band will move in overnight tonight possibly through tomorrow morning. we could get a few inches from that. at least i'm not dealing with another blizzard like they are in new england.
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back to you. >> time to see if the weather is affecting school schedules. >> tim tooten joins us with the latest. not much to reports. >> goldfields schools will open at 9:00 is the only delay. -- olfields school. local school systems are trying to avoid taking any more time off this week. if the state board of education have five days of waivers in order to make sure the students and teachers get in the spring breaks. that is key when you have made plans. >> new this morning, state police and reopened if northbound interstate 95 in harford county after a crash that sent several people to a hospital. it happened after 11:00 their allies night that involved four
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vehicles. it smelled northbound traffic for hours. police have not released details in regard to what caused it or the severity of injuries. >> she has been championing it since she took office earlier this month. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake plan to quickly pass ethics reform as it is next. the council was expected to vote on a pair of bills to close loopholes in the current legislation and give the city ethics board more autonomy. the opportunity to vote stalled after the departure of one of the cult members. lows in or on the council needed to vote. bill henry tells us he did not realize the vote on a matter was scheduled for last night. there's no word on when a new vote may take place. one city council member facing her own ethics trial is being reinstated to a leadership position. councilwoman helen holton was removed from german ships at a council committee by staffing -- by stephanie rawlings-blake after prosecutors found charges of campaign finance charges
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against her. the new council president jack young is asking her to cheer the taxation, finance, and economic development committee. she has a different view of the matter than the mayor. a panel has leased a recommendation as to how to keep the police and fire pension programs afloat. the report recommends sacrifices from all parties. it recommends combining six different money funds in the police and fire systems into one. it says it's time to switch to a fixed cost of living formula for annual increases rather than the so-called variable benefit in place now. it would extend the years of service requirement for pensions would be collected as well as increasing the amount employees must contribute to the plan. up to 10%, to 6%. >> right now the state does not perform same-sex marriages, but the state attorney general says there's no reason not to
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recognize the unions performed outside of maryland. the release a long-awaited legal opinion orders all state agencies to recognize the validity of same-sex marriages performed in other states or countries. that policy will stay in place until the general assembly or courts decide otherwise. >> much like a driver's license. people are allowed to drive in maryland with a valid virginia driver's license. >> the decision is not sitting well with many republicans. delegates filing articles of impeachment, claiming gensler is used his position to lobby for same-sex marriage. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. what do you think of the attorney general's decision to recognize other same sex -- other states' same sex marriages? e-mail your response to us. >> in other news, the mother of 01-year-old allegedly stopped dead by the leader of a religious cult took the witness stand yesterday.
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testified against the accused cult leader and said that her son was possessed by evil spirits and needed to be starved in order to purchase them. a year ago -- a 1-year-old died in 2006. she pled guilty to lesser charge last year in exchange for testimony against the woman, her daughter, and marcus cobbs. an anne arundel county teacher will serve three years of supervised probation for having sex with a 17 year-old student. the 29 year-old pled guilty to a fourth degree sex offense. the special-education teacher admitted to having a nearly yearlong affair with the student. she was arrested last january. rectifier last week in colombia was a suicide. broward county police say 62- year-old if deliberately set fire to this home last friday. in the 7200 block and allow himself to be overcome by smoke and flames.
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the neighbors say he spoke little english and had no family in this country. good news in dundalk for the company of a farmhouse that went up in flames during the last blizzard. crews were back to work at station no. 6 after they sustained significant damage that included a loss of a new engine. structural indicators have given them the ok. >> it's 34 degrees on tv hill. coming up, the bloomberg business reports. >> the president "spelled care summit today active front of the cameras -- the president will host a health care summit here in front of cameras, a preview of dead. >> details on the second phase of this storm coming up. the problem at the bay bridge. feted for the fort mchenry, we feted for the fort mchenry, we will tell
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>> welcome back. good morning. 6:15 is the time, 37 degrees at the maryland science center. things are pretty quiet this morning. we had some light snow last night and dropped a little coding in a couple of neighborhoods. that will be tapering off as we head through the day. doppler still picking up snow on the eastern shore counties. it mixed with a lot of rain and has changed to smoke. another coding is possible in cecil county down through the eastern shore. snow flurries around baltimore and into the western suburbs. that trend will continue as we head through the morning. very little if any additional and simulation. we are at or above freezing in most spots.
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32 and parkton, 34 at the airport and edgewood. temperatures are above the critical mark where we would have a big problems on the roads. there could be a little slipping and sliding. just wet roads. the storm has two parts. this one has given us light snowfall and rain. the second part is an upper level low in the ohio valley. the storm will continue to the northeast for a while and then get pulled back to the coast by this one. that is unusual, but that is what will happen overnight tonight and tomorrow. we will get back into the action after today. still a chance of snow flurries this morning. very little if any additional stimulation. the sun may come out this afternoon. highs in the upper 30's act ii amount 40, becoming breezy. the twins will pick up tonight especially after midnight when a low pressure increases to our north. snow showers back in the picture tonight. wind getting up to 30 or 40
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miles an hour after midnight. temperatures will drop to the 20's. tomorrow morning's commute could have some slipping and sliding. during the day tomorrow the area of low pressure will come back into pennsylvania. if that means it will get us into snow. the wind is going to kick up on friday with gusts over 40 miles an hour. that will be a bigger story than the snowfall. the wind is what we want to focus on. during the day tomorrow this is how much i expect, an additional one-3 inches of accumulation for most of you. the impact will be felt northeast of us. the closer you go to north philadelphia, or snowfall. in harford county and cecil county there could be up to 5 inches of additional new snowfall. around baltimore and to the west there are in our discussion to be a couple inches. into interior pennsylvania there could be up to 3 feet of snow with this system. we will miss out on this one,
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but it will turn into a big snowstorm for some people in the northeast. salaries still possible on saturday and sunday. -- snow flurries still possible. an early next week, high temperature of 45 with sunshine on monday. let's see what's happening on the roads with sarah caldwell. >> my children were convinced they would be off today. >> not so. >> we have had problems but at the bay bridge, eastbound 50 at the bay bridge toll plaza, one of the toll lanes is blocked due to an accident, not creating significant delays. starting to pick up volume on southbound 95 coming out of the northeast approach in the beltway. it's moving well on the j.f.x.. no problems on the harrisburg expressway. the west side looks good. 12 minutes on the west side. 11 minutes on the outer loop the outside. 11 minutes on the southbound 95 from the beltway sw down to 32. at san dewpoint we have flashing
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lights going away from us is eastbound traffic still moving well if you can avoid the toll lane where the accident is. let's look at the fort mchenry. the right tube has been reopened. there had been a disabled vehicle. that is the latest. now to mindy basara. >> lights, camera, action. healthcare is back in the spotlight as the president posts a televised health care summit with lawmakers this morning. our washington bureau reporter has a preview. >> today's event has been carefully orchestrated from camera angles to the seating arrangement. it will last six hours. white house officials say the president will make the case for health care reform again. the official guest house of the president, blair house. a high-stakes summit on health care today. >> i look forward to a good exchange of ideas at blair house with legislative leaders. i hope everyone comes with a shared desire to solve this
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challenge, not just to score political points. >> the president released his own proposal online, a $950 billion package that would offer coverage to 31 million uninsured. >> off the idea of throwing a proposal out two days before a big summit, a proposal that essentially mirrors the proposal the democrats passed in the senate, makes it hard for the republicans to actually come to this with an open spirit. >> republicans say that they are coming but bringing their own ideas and a message for the president, start over. >> this is complicated. this is the position of the american people, who are saying stop this, let's start over and see what we can agree to. >> democrats say they are open to republican ideas. the white house says it has already incorporated some of them into the president's plan. leaders on both sides say they are doubtful of reaching a
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bipartisan compromise. nicole killian reporting from washington. >> testimony from said she's been bernanke kept stocks in the green yesterday -- fed chairman ben bernanke. >> good morning. ben bernanke testifies on capitol hill again this morning. today he goes before the senate banking committee. yesterday he told the house financial services committee that the economy is only at the beginning of the recovery. he says this requires the federal reserve to keep interest rates low to encourage demand by consumers and businesses. investors holding the global retreat and investors shrugged off distressing news from the housing market. sales of new homes plummeted last month to the lowest level on record. this is where we ended up. the three major u.s. indexes rose 1% yesterday.
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black and decker and t. rowe price and the bloomber -- led the bloomberg maryland index higher. costar says it will make more money this year than analysts predicted. toyota is not the only auto maker capturing the attention of wall street. general motors is going to shut down hummer. china said it would have flown in the face of the country's push toward more fuel-efficient, smaller cars. jane king reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. >> ♪ >> 13th day of the winter olympic games. some big upsets and restart for american skier favored to win the gold. >> brian hickey joins us from vancouver with a look at the action. >> good morning. a rainy day in vancouver as we start the 14th day.
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yesterday canada picked up some more medals. the koreans had a big upset. they lost the gold medal because of a disqualification. a gold and silver night for the canadian women bobsled team. blasted down the track four times in 3 minutes 32 seconds. this canadian earned so corporate america and earned a third. germany was ever to win but suffered a spectacular but injury-free crashed when it overturned on the corner. if the u.s. 3000 women short track relay team won a bronze after korea got disqualified out of the gold medal. the korean team could states would sign after an exchange with five laps to go. china gets gold, canada silver. lindsey vonn broker pinkie finger after going out of control. julia mancuso was on course when an official made her go back for restart and as a wartime spirit to the second run is postponed today due to the weather. the usa beat switzerland in hockey.
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canada beats russia's 7-3 and has another game to play before being in medal contention. canada will play slovakia in the next round after slovakia beat sweden. the u.s. faces finland's next. it could be canada and the usa in the gold medal round. after a couple days ago, this was on fire. i can only imagine what a gold medal round would be like between canada and the u.s.a. in hockey. hockey is king in vancouver. >> how did apolo ohno do yesterday? >> the 500 meters. he won that race and will advance on to the finals coming up. we expect good things from him. this would be its eighth medal. he has suppressed the medal of bonnie blair. the is favored in this one. we are looking out for that. >> sounds good. brian hickey reporting. thank you. 622, 34 degrees on tv hill--
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6:22 is the time. >> sheila dixon mixer first appearance since stepping down as mayor. hear what she has to say. >> that brings us to our water cooler question. what do you think of the attorney general's decision to recognize same-sex marriages from other states? e-mail your response to >> and a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. good luck.
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>> traffic pulse 11 and insta- weather plus together. >> good morning, sarah caldwell checking on the morning commute. it's not so bad alastair, a little slippery in some areas, doing ok for themo with an accident, not causing much of a delay. the rest of the major roadways staring quite well. a sluggish spot on southbound 95 coming out of the northeast. not so bad out there. if you are traveling at the bay bridge, there's one accident being cleared. no delays. everything will be well in both directions. let's switch to a view of at the fort mchenry. southbound traffic coming toward us. two disabled vehicles have cleared. everything looks good. volume is building. you may see delays shortly. that is the latest. let's get the forecast with tony pann. >> if you are just waking up, we have good news from another
6:27 am
department. just snow showers and snow flurries for the rest of the morning. on the eastern shore there is steady white snow still. you guys might get a coating over the next half-hour or 45 minutes. for most of us the accumulating snow is over. a mixture of clouds and maybe a little sunshine today. snow flurries of snow showers continue this morning off and on. expect highs near 38. tonight and tomorrow the wind will be gusting over 40 miles an hour. that will become the big story. we expect additional accumulation on friday as well. let's go back to the news desk. >> the time is 6:27, 33 degrees on tv hill. much more to come in the next half-hour of 11 news today. >> trucks are loaded, but there's not much for them to do. i have a live report from reisterstown coming up. >> school will be in session today. i will tell you why, coming up. >> we dodged a bullet on the first half of the storm.
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a nice start to what's not goin
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>> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal tv 11 news at 6 in hd. >> good morning, everybody.
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welcome back. i am stan stovall. >> i am mindy basara. thanks for joining us. tony pann has a look at the forecast. >> if you are just joining us, we have good news coming from the other departments. most of the heavy snow is missing a spirit we had a coding overnight if there and you're picking up light snow showers and snow flurries around baltimore area. there is steady snow on the eastern shore counties still. that will be pulling away to the northeast over the next half- hour or 45 minutes. if there could be an additional coding on the eastern shore. for most of us, the accumulation is pretty much over for the day. we have more snow in the forecast tonight and during the day tomorrow. if the wind will become a big story, gusting over 40 miles an hour. we will discuss that momentarily. back to the news desk. >> we're waking up to wintry weather in some parts of the area. just a little. >> if let's check with jennifer
6:31 am
franciotti in reisterstown in baltimore county. >> good morning. light snow flurries coming in through the area right now. behind me there is a salt trucks. if they don't have a lot to do this morning, which is a good thing. i live in carroll county where we still have two feet on the ground. any more snow is unwelcome. i will show you some of the snow that came down overnight. it was about a quarter of an edge. this is what snow, easy to move with a shovel, if you have to. the main streets and side roads, this is not sticking. man street building along does fine behind me -- main street. a round. there's a coding of snow -- coating. they look like cotton balls. in area jurisdictions, they were getting ready for this. they had about a week to
6:32 am
replace and fix some of the snow plows and phil back up with salt and get ready for what cover may have come today. -- for whatever may have come today. >> we will bring in more crews as needed. if the forecast is still questionable, so we are getting ready for anything. we will keep the roads safe. >> that was the state highway administration. they tell me this morning the road tetris on highways, 38 degrees. they did some pretreating yesterday. nothing is sticking to the roads this morning. that is good news iyou are getting out and about. my kindergarten studenchild is o upset because she had to go to school today. now to sandra shaw on your road -- york rd. >> things are just fine in baltimore county court on this road. the city is just about a mile
6:33 am
away. there is no accumulation in this area, metropolitan baltimore area. no problems at all. there will be a second phase of this storm. we are above freezing. in the second phase there will be blustery winds that gives -- that takes up late this afternoon and persists through tonight and tomorrow. a couple inches more of a simulation with another band that wraps around with this storm comes back inland. this storm has brushed by us with a light winter expected not accumulate much across the apparent there is still light activity on the eastern shore. other than that, a lot of nothing. we dodged the bullet. new england is getting pummeled with up to two or 3 feet of snow. the nor'easter is something to watch. sandra shaw reporting. >> thank you. have the schools changed their
6:34 am
plans this morning? education reporter tim tooten joins us with more on that. >> no plans at all. the plan is to get up and get to the bus stop. the school districts want to have as many days as possible in before spring break. this week the state board of education gave school systems a big break, getting to waive five days used because of a smoke. school of visual are revising their calendar to reflect the changes. that could mean spring break may be spirit. the state board says it will not delay the msa and will go on as planned in mid march. it's business as usual in the schoolhouse. >> thank you. in other news, a downtown birthday celebration turned deadly. police are looking for clues. a group of three men were returning to their hotel tuesday night when one of them decided to continue partying and went back out. his body was on the next morning in an alleyway in the 300 block
6:35 am
of -- to near st. paul barrett did not determined whether it was an accidental homicide. >> sheila dixon makes her first public appearance since stepping down as mayor. she appeared at red maple last night if to take part in a panel discussion on the future of baltimore. she's been spending their retirement of monitoring the city's efforts to dig out from major snowstorms. >> with any snowstorm, there are things you need to do. i think we did part of it. i think i would recommend some other things we could have done. >> she says that she has yet to begin her court-appointed community service. she refused to answer questions about your role in the corruption scandal. >> 33 degrees on tv hill. >> we are still taking answers to our water cooler question of the day. what do you think of the attorney general's decision to recognize other states' same sex marriages?
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>> traffic pulse 11 and insta- weather plus together. >> in white hall, liberty road at kirkwood, we have fire department activity. that is not the same liberty road as route 26. this one is near the pennsylvania line. there are issues separate not a lot of other problems.
6:39 am
southbound 95 coming out of the northeast, traffic is building. 45 miles an hour approaching interstate 70. eastbound 50 at the bay bridge toll plaza, one accident taking up one lane at the toll plaza. watch for some delays, but nothing so bad yet in terms of volume. that what appears to be clearing as we speak. traffic at sandy point, things looking a lot better, now gone in just the past few minutes. it's clear. a live in view of traffic at liberty road, building in volume but the bigger delays are at interstate 70. towards edmundton, things should clear up. not a bad ride. let's check with sandra shaw in timonium. how does it look? >> just fine. no problems whatsoever on yo rk road.]
6:40 am
the storm is going to go back inland. it's going to wrap around counterclockwise. they are calling this a snow hurricane to our north in new england, where up to 3 feet will be the conditions there. for us, blustery wind tonight, persisting into tomorrow morning perhaps with a little more light snow accumulated, maybe a couple inches more. the seven-day forecast, keeps us unsettled the weekend. it's cool to be colder and very windy. by monday we rebound up to close to normal. the normal is 47 degrees. this is the last thursday in february. good riddance to this month of snowfall paris hopefully better in march. back to you. >> of nebraska zoo is rolling out the welcome mat for an unusual looking arrival. looks like a walking watermelon. this is a cross between a goat
6:41 am
and an anteater, from the asian rainforests. the birth of this mail is important because the population is small, with only 19 males, 22 females in the breeding program. that is a small dating pool. 6:41, 33 degrees on tv hill.
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>> welcome back to 11 news today. state police have reopened northbound i-95 in harford county after multivocal crash that sent several people to the hospital. if it happened after 11:30 last night and involved four vehicles including a tractor-trailer. it's called northbound traffic several hours. no details on what caused it or
6:44 am
the severity of the victim's injuries. the mother of a 1-year-old starved to death by the leaders of a religious cult of took the stand yesterday. ria ramkissoon testified that queen antoinette told third that her son javon thompson was possessed by evil spirits and that he needed to be starved to purge them. the 1-year-old died in 2006. she pled guilty to lesser charge last week in exchange for testimony against queen antoinette, her daughter, and the man named marcus cobbs. the state attorney general says there's no reason not to recognize same-sex unions performed outside maryland. the decision orders all state agencies to recognize the validity of same-sex marriages performed in other states or countries. that policy stays in place until the general assembly or the courts decide otherwise. >> that brings us to our water cooler question.
6:45 am
>> one of your rights -- one of our viewers says plow discrimination of any form is ruhl. >> jbeil says it does not seem right to the maryland attorney general has the authority to make state law. >> stephen writes that the attorney general was asked to give a legal opinion based on existing laws. based on my understanding of those laws, i believe he got it right. i firmly believe in the separation of church and state. >> what is stopping same-sex couples from getting out of state and moving back here with recognition both peace is the only difference is the ceremony was not performed yhere. we will pose more of your answers at >> sarah caldwell here. most of the early morning problems have been cleared.
6:46 am
in white alders are the projected thilan liberty road, shut down at kirkwood. along the pennsylvania state lines, watch for that to affect motorists. 46 miles an hour on southbound 95. building as you make your way toward the beltway northeast. looks good on the j.f.x.. no problems on the north side of the beltway. the west side is getting a little sluggish around interstate 70 at 48 miles an hour. 14 minutes is the west side drive times from 795 down to 95. seven minutes on the other side. 11 minutes from the belt way south to 32. coming toward us is southbound traffic. it's a little sluggish. not bad compared to normal. a view of the westside, there are some bright lights at liberty. those delays stretch down to interstate 70. that is the latest in traffic pulse 11. let's check with sandra shaw on york rd.
6:47 am
>> absolutely fine. we are above freezing. the mixed precipitation that moved to baltimore county last night has dissipated. we are going to get an icebreaker for the second phase of this storm. that will not happen until this evening. today is not a bad day. business as usual around baltimore. a very strong storm continues to pummel the northeast and new england throughout today. hd doppler over maryland shows a little activity on the eastern shore that will dissipate shortly. the brief time of clearing that i mentioned before the storm raab's at around and heads back inland we have incredibly the blustery wind tonight and maybe even a little more snow. but this is a complex situation setting up over the next 24 hours. we are getting breast by the first phase right now.
6:48 am
we got light snow last night. -- we got brushed by the first phase. its 32 in parkton and tontitown. most everywhere it is at or above 32 degrees. that is helping a lot on the roads. the first part of the storm is writing off the coast right now. this is the one that gave us snow last night. the second is an upper level coming across the ohio valley. if this storm is going to get caught by this one and pull back to the west. it's very unusual for storms to move to the east -- from the east to the west. it will back up into pennsylvania late tonight or tomorrow. if that is why we think there will be more snowfall in maryland. mostly cloudy skies today. a chance of snow showers or snow flurries. the accumulating snow is over with. there might still be some snowdrifts. high temperatures in the upper 30's this afternoon. tonight the storm comes back toward us. snow shower activity will pick
6:49 am
up along with the the wind. gusting over 30 or 40 miles an hour. the wind is going to be the bigger story tonight and tomorrow, causing little damage perhaps. temperatures tonight will be cold. we could get light snow showers tomorrow morning, which could cause slipping and sliding. during the day tomorrow the storm will continue to drift back to the west to pennsylvania. we will be on the southern fringe, getting a little more snow. if the wind will be kicking up during the day on friday. friday will be a winter day. expect additional snowfall. this is for tonight and friday, not today. an additional one-3 inches during the day on friday for most of us. the closer you get to the storm, which would be in northeast pennsylvania, the more snowfall we will get. in harford county and cecil county there will be 3-5 inches of additional new snow during the day tomorrow. for most of us, another two inches at the most, with wins at
6:50 am
up to 40 miles an hour gusting on friday. by the weekend it gets better. we could get some snow flurries even on saturday or sunday with highs in the upper 30's up to around 40. we break out of it early next week. sunshine on monday with highs around 45. back to you. >> time for last look at conditions in reisterstown, one of the few places to find anything resembling snow. jennifer franciotti joins us. rt relieved? >> i am so relieved. a lot of people are waking up saying thank goodness. nobody needed more snow on top of what we had. there are some snowflakes that were flying at 2:00 in the morning. it was a lot heavier than. in westminster some of the sidewalks were getting coverage, but not the streets. that is the main thing right now. not your driveway. nothing to shovel.
6:51 am
nothing on the main roads. this is main street in reisterstown. down to wet pavement. we have a little accumulating snow on the grass. a quarter of an inch. that is nothing. that is doable, not a problem. we have heard from drivers this morning who say they have not had any trouble. we've spoken with contractors if that say let this one go, they will be all right. jennifer franciotti reporting. >> coming up today at 12:00 on oprah on wbal plus, we have seen her weight loss before and then after. now at 75 pounds lighter, kirsty alli is back. cameras go inside. that's at noon. then we have coverage of the latest storm on 11 news at noon on wbal-tv 11. for good at what is coming next on the today show, we have meredith vieira. >> good morning.
6:52 am
coming up in vancouver on a thursday morning, the latest on the deadly attack at the florida si world as a trainer is killed by the largest killer whales in captivity. we will talk to a woman lewis the attack. also, al roker gives the latest on the strong snowstorms that will pound the northeast today. we will have complete coverage of the winter games, including what you should watch for during tonight's final of women's figure skating. that is when we get started on a busy thursday morning on today from vancouver. >> 33 degrees on tv hill. >> we will take another look at the weather and traffic just
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>> a lot of folks will be looked -- will lead to look outside and see note new snowfall. >> it's a little slippery in spots, but overall we're not doing very poorly. there's one problem of liberty road at kirkwood, and white hall, md., but activity blocking some lanes. southbound on the harrisburg expressway developing delays around a little town and maude,. fayette at holiday street, fire department activity. if doing quite well as far as delays. north side at 31 miles an hour. 95 southbound, coming toward us is southbound traffic on a normal delays from white marsh down. traffic at liberty, things are backing down just slightly. >> there could still be potential problems. >> tonight and tomorrow. the kids going to come from the wind. w-- i think it is going to
6:56 am
come from the wind. more snow is possible tonight into friday. expecting another two inches or less. winds gusting over 30 or 40 miles an hour tonight into tomorrow. >> thanks for joining us a >> this is a wbal-tv editorial by our president and general manager, jordan wertlieb. >> the vancouver winter games drawn to a close. you're left with the memory that only an event of the magnitude of the olympics can provide. from the tragic death of the luge athlete from georgia, the unprecedented success of the american ski team, the record- breaking performance of apollo ono, the dramatic win of the
6:57 am
men's hockey team over canada, and much more. these games transcend sports. the olympics live to our nation, provided a needed distractions of a record snowfall, the budget crisis, the challenges of a recovering economy, and and and plotted rate, and partisan politics of washington. similar to 1980, the olympic games gave us a break from the burdens we face every day and reminded us of national pride, perseverance, and how hard work breeds success. every 20 years or so, remarkable moments after find incredible power of the human spirit. from the end of the second world war to the men landing on the moon and the fall of the berlin wall, there are moments of nations overcome the present and build for the future. every four years the olympics sparks of flame of creativity and perseverance, showcasing the strength and will of the next generation. if michael phelps and the games of beijing captivated us in the summer of 2008.
6:58 am
this year the winter olympics of lindsey vonn, shaun white, and shani davis and all the athletes have once again given as a reason to be optimistic about our future.
6:59 am

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